The New Brunswick Association for Supported Services and Employment (NBASSE) will participate in the celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in October. Light It Up! is an initiative led by the Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) which started in Ontario in 2020. ODEN, in partnership with the Canadian Association of Supported Employment (CASE) is taking the initiative national in 2021.
Communities across the country will light up key landmarks in blue/purple to highlight the importance of the inclusion and employment of people with disabilities; as well as spotlighting the different ways people with disabilities can contribute to businesses in their communities and their ability to work and help their employers to be successful and competitive.
As the only disability employment organization in New Brunswick, NBASSE has taken the lead on this initiative in partnership with the Premiers Council on Disabilities. The New Brunswick Provincial Legislative Assembly building in Fredericton has agreed to light up this important New Brunswick landmark on the night of October 21st, 2021, in observance of NDEAM and the Light It Up! initiative.
NBASSE is planning to assist ODEN in the expansion of this initiative in New Brunswick in 2022 and beyond.
Atelier Beausoleil, in operation since 1974, has seen a shift in community acceptance.

Ron has been a client of the Albert Career Development Centre for many years.

He has had various jobs during those years. Although Ron was always a good employee he never had his dream job until recently.